April is Financial Education Month

financial literacy

Our month maybe more than half over but let’s not miss out on the fact that April is Financial Education Month! What grade would you give yourself if asked, “What is your knowledge on personal finance?” How many of you can say that your teens know about saving, spending, banking, and proper purchasing? According to […]

Financial Education Services Orlando Florida

Financial Education Services Orlando

Here is a short video of my experiences with Financial Education Services in Orlando, Florida.  Please take a moment to watch the video and share it with your family and friends. Thank you for watching the video.

How Important is Estate Planning?

Will Trust

  A part of our lives is the birth and death of love ones.  It is a known fact 100% of us will die.  The question is have you started estate planning?  What happens if you’re injured in an accident? Or, you are sick and can’t talk for yourself?  What do you do with your […]

Financial Basics

Financial Basics

  Many Americans today are still recovering from the recession of 2008 and have begun to take steps toward learning some Financial Basics. The time of excess spending and the idea of “keeping up with the Jones” have been replaced by conservative thinking and a shift toward gaining back control of their financial future. Incorporating […]