Premium Advantages of Having Good Credit

credit score

Tens of millions of Americans live their normal, everyday lives totally oblivious to their credit score, and the positive or negative consequences it can have on their financial future. According to the credit bureau Experian, over one third of Americans had a credit score under 600 in 2016 which is the number that indicates bad […]

The Cost of Ignorance

Cost of Ignorance

Education is expensive. No doubt about. But, ignorance can be even more expensive. And literacy goes way beyond being able to read and write. I’m talking about what’s called “financial intelligence.” Think about it. How much did you learn in school about finances? I mean, about everyday things like credit, debt, asset protection, or the […]

April is Financial Education Month

financial literacy

Our month maybe more than half over but let’s not miss out on the fact that April is Financial Education Month! What grade would you give yourself if asked, “What is your knowledge on personal finance?” How many of you can say that your teens know about saving, spending, banking, and proper purchasing? According to […]

FREE Credit Seminars in Phoenix AZ

FREE Credit Seminars Phoenix AZ

FREE Credit Seminars in Phoenix AZ On August 10th, we will host our first FREE Credit Seminar in Phoenix AZ. This seminar will provide the attendee with basic knowledge of how credit works and how to begin improving their credit. These free seminars well dispel many myths about credit and talk about some of the […]