Fixing Your Credit

Fixing your credit

Fixing your credit is only the start.  The bigger issue is educating yourself on how credit works so that once you have fixed your credit you now know how to maintain and build your credit.  So when I say it’s not about just fixing your credit, it’s really about educating yourself for long term success. […]

5 Things You Should Know About Credit BEFORE Applying for A Home Loan

Applying for a Home Loan

1. Not All Credit Scores are Created Equal When considering applying for a home loan, you want to make sure you check your credit report and score. FICO or Fair Isaac Corporation is the originator of the credit scoring model AND is the industry standard. There are many different type credit scoring models that have […]

Financial Education Services Fredericksburg VA

Vince and Shandelin Anderson Financial Education Services

Vince and Shandelin Anderson, account executives with Financial Education Services & sister company, United Credit Education Services considers it a privilege to help people in our local market area, primarily Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania VA, achieve their dreams and aspirations of home ownership. We partner with Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas who […]