10 Tips for Dealing with Debt Collectors

10 Tips for Dealing with Debt Collectors

When dealing with debt collectors there’s one thing the experts all agree on, ignoring the dreaded debt collector call is probably not the best idea. “Deal with it!” they say or it will only get worse! But before you begin dealing with a debt collector, it’s best you know what your options are. Here is […]

Why I NOW Use Lifelock!

ID Theft

In the past 6 months I have had my debit card number stolen twice. Some identity thief out there got hold of my debit card number and started buying pre-paid phone cards on the west coast, while I live in the mid-west. The second time my debit card number was stolen, “they” were out there […]


Great Credit Score

Both my wife and myself were oblivious to the need of having a GREAT – not just a good – but a GREAT credit score. While I dreamed of the day when I could GET OFF THE GRID, my credit score was strangled by high credit card balances NOW I am learning how to increase […]

Reducing Your Debt

Reducing your Debt

When many individuals start the process of credit restoration, the topic of reducing your debt, is part of the conversation.  You need to make a budget and outline goals to hold yourself accountable to your budget.  Credit cards, mortgage and car payments, student loans, savings… where do you start?  Active credit lines are the top […]

Deciphering the FICO Score

FICO Score

The FICO score is a three digit number that has incredible power in the financial number. It has the power to decline good interest rates and in some cases can affect employment.What’s in a number?The FICO score is made up of a proprietary formula from the Fair Isaac Corporation. This formula consists of several categories […]