Reduce your car payments when you have restored your credit ratings….read more

$3,995 more for my $15,000 automobile purchase WHAT????? I had an opportunity today to speak with the finance and insurance manager at a car dealership in Washington, Missouri today.  He was very helpful and totally sympathetic in what people run into when they have less than perfect credit and they are applying for a car......

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The Truth Game on Credit

Truth or Lies

What’s the first thing you are told when you go to buy a car or get a mortgage; they have to pull your credit to see if you qualify? Have you ever heard the term, “your score is not perfect but not bad either”? Now what does that mean really? For those that don’t know,......

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Credit Control

Financial Wellness

Your credit score and credit profile are linked to you for your entire life. The lower your score, the more your frowned upon. Without some sort credit control lenders won't...

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