Now is the Time to Buy!

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Now is the time to buy! The Case Schiller home price index showed year over year home prices have increased by an amount we haven’t seen since back in 2005! But, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the reasonably priced home. Home prices are still in the “cheaper than rent” range, and that’s a lot to do with interest rates that are still phenomenally low.

Have you been thinking about stepping into home ownership, or perhaps moving up into that dream home? Maybe down sizing now you don’t need as much house, or  splashing out on that perfect vacation property? Yes, we’ve seen the very lowest home prices come and go, and things are certainly on the up, but they haven’t increased enough to push first time buyers out. That’s right, I have many first time buyers still securing the rate of a life time, and ending up in a payment lower than the rent they were paying. So, don’t wait any longer, a ten minute call can see you heading to the same goal.

Finally, the increase we’ve seen in home prices has allowed many to look into the possibility of selling their current home, and move on. They now have some equity, and possibly enough to put a down payment on the next chapter in their lives. It’s even possible to qualify for both payments meaning there’s no panic to sell the original home until they are moved into their new home. This makes things much less stressful overall, and assure a properly staged home with maximum selling power.

It really is a fifteen minute process, some pertinent questions, and a quick evaluation of your specific situation, to see what you can accomplish right now. Most clients are pleasantly surprised that what they dream of is still very attainable. My goal is to make dreams come true, and currently that is easier than you think.

Call or email today to discover how achievable your dreams are.

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