Working from the Home Office

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There are benefits working from the home office, whether or not, you are working for your employer or starting a home based business.  The business model for an office has changed with technology over the past several years.  Logging on to your company’s network allows you to access your files without driving into the office.  Many home based businesses also have dashboard access to the back office.  Both situations allow you to email, process orders, call clients, and prepare marketing material and other online research.  Depending on your budget you can set up your home office without breaking the bank.

Your home office should be in room or quiet area in your house or apartment.  The following items should complete a functioning office at home;

Large Desk with comfortable chair (the choice of chair with arm rest or none is up to individual)

High speed internet service

Desktop or laptop computer

Combination Printer, Fax, and Scanner

Microphone and Speakers (a head set system combines both features)

Docking port for computer interface with IPhone, Android, tables or other portable peripherals

Filing cabinet for office supplies (paper clips, pens, pencils, staples, stapler, note pad, etc…) and files

Desk Lamp

Software for the computer should include anti-virus and spyware, external back-up systems, office suite of word processing, spreadsheet, Publishing, and other unique software for your company or business.

The set-up of the home office should be in an area that will prohibit external distraction of noise and activities.  These distractions can interfere with conversations with clients, peers and superiors.  The use of video communication using Skype or Google Hangout means your back ground, should be clear of clutter and appear professional.  The benefit working from the home office means the elimination of commute to work.  This can give you more time to get to productive activities started early in the day.  Be careful to keep your self-disciplined, keeping on track to the tasks of the day. There are many distractions that can side tract you from completing you goals.  There will be more posts regarding how to become more productive working from home.

For more ideas on how to set up a home office you can contact >>>> Carl Blackstone, Financial Empowerment Network

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