Who is going to take care of your children if you die?

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What a beautiful and happy family enjoying each other’s company and the great outdoors.  They day is lovely and things are going well.  You are on your way home to grill your favorite burgers and on the way, a catastrophic accident occurs and both parents are killed.  After the devestation, after the funeral, the REALITY starts to kick in.  Who will take care of the two children that are minors?  How will they be financially taken care of?  What, who, when, how, every question and fear you can imagine starts to appear in the remaining minds and hearts of the family members who are left to pick up the pieces and continue as best as possible given these horrible circumstances.

Did the parents take the time and spend the money to get their estate planning and appropriate planning items in order?  Did they have a trust to provide details of what to do when and who would have the power and authority to manage the money of the household along with selling or investing funds, real estate and such?

Estate planning and various respective legal documents are critical to the future of your family and your business as well.  FES Financial Education Services offers a flagship product Protection Payment Plan that gives our clients 13 financial products including the Our Car package which includes your estate planning tools.

What is the VALUE of having everything in place so your entire family has peace of mind and can rest assured knowing you have your life in legal order?


ARE YOU READY TO GET YOUR ESTATE PLANNING IN ORDER? Call me and let’s talk about what your goals are today at 314.808.1712 Donna Joerling.


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