Cash for Christmas? (You Just Laughed, Right?)

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What if it could be different? SO many of us swear that next year will be different. We will save all year long, we will make more money, or win the lottery.  That hardly ever happens though.

We may save for a few months, and then the car breaks, or a kid needs braces or the fridge quits working. It happens.  

So what if the solution is another job? Who has time for that!? I know I didn’t think I did. I am raising two kids, my husband works a lot and we are highly involved in our church. What I did know is that I was sick and tired of not having the life I wanted. I also was said watching so many around me not have the life they wanted either.

So this year we are paying cash for Christmas. It may not be our most extravagant year due to car repairs and an electronic mutiny that wiped out a tv, computer, and phone in a week. (you can’t make this stuff up) BUT we have a plan! We know that the job I have now provides us with an income we didn’t think possible as I work sitting next to my napping son. We have a plan of retiring my husband by the time he turns 35. I will not be surprised by Christmas again!

Plus I get to help people realize this life for themselves. I either am helping people restore their credit and get into the homes, jobs, cars etc that they want OR I’m training others to do what I do and build a business that will change their life.

So what will it be? Sneaky Christmas catching you off guard? or Cash for Christmas and NO STRESS! Learn more at Protection That Pays

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