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During my years in the mortgage industry I came across clients that were unable to purchase or refinance their home due to credit challenges. In many cases these credit issues were the result of an uncontrollable circumstance like the loss of a job, a medical issue or in some cases, simply not understanding the financial obligation.

In 2004 I partnered with Financial Education Services also known as FES to assist those mortgage clients with credit challenges to help them restore their and credit and financial well-being so they could achieve their goals.

I 2010 I left the mortgage industry and transitioned to a full time independent agent with (FES) Financial Education Services developing new business referral partners across the country as well building a sales force in over 40 states.

Here is a video that will explain our core product that is literally changing peoples lives on a daily bases.

Our goal is to help ten’s of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who knows, maybe even millions of people in this country become financially free!  If you’re someone that enjoys helping people and perhaps could use a little help yourself, we would love to share some information with you.

Contact Information:

Cell# 954-707-2932

Click the link below and fill out the form below to receive detailed information on our national business expansion and how you can participate.


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