Kathryn Brandt

Kathryn Brandt

Kathryn Brandt is a Regional Sales Director with Financial Education Services

I graduated college with the intent of teaching of high school history. However I graduated in 2008 when the bubble popped. Sadly one of the first jobs to go was social studies education. Suddenly I was a brand new teacher competing with tenured teachers for a job.

I ended up teaching reading at an elementary school where we found out soon after we were expecting our first child. I didn’t make enough to justify paying childcare so I came home to raise my boy.

We still needed some income and I tried various jobs part time to help out as our second son was born. I was introduced to FES by Randy Cochrane & Nick Baur. This company paired my love of education with helping people and earning the income my family needed.

I get to teach people and help them rebuild their lives with complete faith it will work because it has worked for us. I have been with FES for over a year now and have truly found something that I love to do.