Greg Dyer


Hello, my name is Greg Dyer. I’m a single father of 2 sons. However, I’ve been in a committed relationship since 2006 with the love of my life, Marie Kutryb, mother of 4.

I’m from a small town in Indiana. I graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. In the middle of my college education, I was one of the last to be taken in the Viet Nam War draft. I did a 3 year tour in the U.S. Navy aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Forestal, (a crew of 5,100). I was a Aerographer’s Mate 2nd Class (weatherman). Also, I was the TV weatherman on the ship’s television network.

After the Navy I returned to college to complete my degree. While there, I did TV weather on the local PBS television station thru the school. My meteorology career continued with 2 ½ years with a private weather company. That’s what brought me to St. Louis as the supervisor of the weather observatory at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport before being transferred to the same position at Pittsburgh International Airport. In 1981 I returned to St. Louis as a radar meteorologist for the National Weather Service (NWS).

After 16 years I left NWS in 1997 to enter real estate. In 2005 I was President of the St. Charles County Association of Realtors. In 2010 I served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for MARIS (St. Louis MLS Company). Also, I served for 6 years on the Missouri Association of Realtors Board of Directors.

In 2014 I was introduced to Financial Education Services (FES). During my professional career I held positions where I was helping people. My primary function with NWS was to warn the general public of impending severe weather. In real estate I help people with the 2nd most expensive investment of their lives (2nd only to their children).

In FES, I can help people in all aspects of their financial well-being.