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Financial Education Is #1 To CJ Boston, Financial Education Services and the Financial Empowerment Network.

Welcome and thank you for your interest .  I’m CJ Boston, Sales director with Financial Education Services and Founding member of Financial Empowerment Network.  As a collective we impact our communities and families across the United States. We pride ourselves as not having products to sell but tools to effectuate change in our society.

Financial Empowerment NetworkAs a founding member, I realized that American’s needed a helping hand. Knowing there is a fine line between a helping hand and a handout, Financial Education Services provided an exact vehicle to not only tow that line but to reinvigorate a population. Through FES I am able to help families bring to fruition their dreams of home ownership. I am able to help mothers qualify for loans so that they can work and get their baby’s to day care.

I am looking to connect with like minded professionals. People who not only want to uplift their community but those who also have the gumption to get it done. There are over 80 million American’s with credit Issues and 80% of those people have errors on their credit reports.

You can Help ! WE Can Help !

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