Training for Your Home Based Business

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There is so much information available on the topic of Training for Your Home Based Business.  After you develop a business plan, how you do get started on your business?  How do you keep yourself accountable to your plan?

You need to get a mentor or coach.  This person will help to keep yourself accountable and on track with your business plan.  Whether you’re trying to learn how a computer program works, social media marketing or learning scripts. You need to understand how we learn.  There are four steps to learning, they are as follows;

Unconscious Incompetence – What does that mean? – We don’t know what we don’t know.  When you were very young and you rode in your parent’s car.  You didn’t know what the car was or how it worked.

Conscious Incompetence – Now you know about it, but you don’t have the skills to do anything about it.  When you grew older you knew what the car was, but you didn’t how operate it.  All you knew was it got you from point A to point B.  It was fun ride.

Conscious Competence – Know what you’re doing but you have to think about every step.  Conscious Competence is when you get your driver’s license, and then take your first drive; you check mirrors, seat, parking brake, and you check 14 ways around the car as you slowly pull out of driveway.  You have to think about every step of driving down the road.

Unconscious Competence – That mean you do it without thinking about it.  Of course, now you get in the car and you don’t even know how you get from point A to point B.  You stop at the drive thru, get a burger, drink, and talk on the cell phone, while changing the station on radio.  You are still able to drive without thinking about it.

Can you relate to these four steps of the learning process?  The best way to receive knowledge like this is to attend formal training from professionals.  If you can find a coach or mentor that participates in similar training you can multiple the benefits of the training.  I learned this topic at a Secret of Success Training provided by FES University.  This is an example of how you can learn how to develop a strong home based business.  You’re not alone in the journey when you have someone to coach and teach you through the process.

If you would like to learn more about how to start you home based business you can contact me >>>> Carl Blackstone Financial Empowerment Network

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