Are You Creating Momentum in Your Business?

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Creating Momentum in Your Business


Some of you may have heard me talk about this before, “Driving the business through the business.” This is a great way to create momentum in your business. At a recent training I attended we actually touched on this important business building strategy. This strategy is used by top producers in FES as well other companies within our industry.

Let me preface that if you’re brand new to the industry or a brand new distributor you should be working with your senior up line to implement this strategy.

This strategy can help you build stability as well momentum in your business very quickly. But before we get into how this strategy works lets first understand exactly what “driving the business through your business” means and how to correctly implement this strategy.

Have the Right Mind Set

Driving the business through your business requires a different approach or mindset to what most people do. It requires long term thinking although it can deliver short term upfront results with team building and income. So just like anything else you do to achieve success you first must have the proper perspective.

Most people don’t spend enough time working with the new distributor they recruited. I mean if your spending time and energy finding distributors doesn’t it make sense to maximize your efforts and create momentum in your business and for your new distributor?

When you think about it you’re really working smarter by spending time with the new distributor to create some immediate results. Now by the same token if this new member is not responsive to the actions required to drive the business then you need to move on quickly until you find someone that is serious about building a team and finding customers.

Most people are only focused on the initial income generated by bringing aboard a new distributor and lose sight of thousands of potential dollars that could be generated by dedicating time to work with that brand new distributor the minute they come onboard and diving into their warm market or sphere of influence.

If you are an experienced member with a team of 5 to 10 minimum distributors here is what you should do to drive the business through your newly recruited team member (or get help to implement).

Get into their warm market IMMEDIATLEY!

Once you or your team members signs up a new business partner you should know what their goals are if done correctly. Whether it’s financial freedom, time freedom, being their own boss, travelling the world or whatever. This is the key to motivate the new member and get them into action TODAY!

Find out from them IMMEDIATELY who they know that they can get on the phone with RIGT NOW! Help them make those first initial contacts IMMEDIATELY! Don’t wait until they learn a script, DO IT NOW!

Usually what happens is we send the new distributor on their way with some directions or tasks hoping they will implement on their own, that’s a HUGE mistake. The reality is that very few people are willing to do what it takes to reach their goals. Sad but true. You must help them get started!

By helping your new business partner make those initial contacts RIGHT NOW you are increasing the potential that they will later on do it on their own and if they have interested people you can now start to tap into those members market place as well and create some real momentum for the new distributor.

This mindset of taking action RIGHT NOW will not only help the new distributor start to build a team, get customers and get paid but also will reward you greatly for taking the time and effort by building momentum in your business. They will thank you later!

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