The Green Light is ON – Conquering Your Fear and Anxiety

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Conquering Fear and Anxiety

On a recent training call we talked about the fear and anxiety that new agents, and some veteran agents face when given the opportunity to EXPOSE their services or the business opportunity.

This fear and anxiety appears when it’s time to contact new prospects or do follow-up calls. It can also show up when you are having a face to face conversation with someone AND because of it, you DON’T mention when given the opportunity, how you can help people become financially fit or start a business.

As a licensed skydiver with a few hundred jumps from 12,000 ft up to 14,000 ft, this same anxiety or fear can show up at the most inopportune moments. There have literally been times when I was on the plane climbing to altitude when I began to feel anxious and fearful. I began to question the outcome!

On a jump plane there are 3 lights, red, yellow and GREEN. When the red light comes on we are about 1 mile from our exit. When the yellow light comes on (.5 mile from exit) it’s time to open the door. When the GREEN light comes on, it’s time to get set to exit the plane.

At this point I have 2 options, either stay in the plane and ride it down, OR GET MY ASS OUT THE DOOR!

So how do we overcome this anxiety and fear?

First, let me say, I have NEVER stayed in the plane. Of course, jumping out of a plane offers a level of potential danger that as an agent, we don’t have to be concerned with, but unfortunately our brains don’t know the difference. It just knows there’s a potential for a bad outcome. Your flight or fight response IMMEDIATELY kicks in!

Here are 3 things that I do that you can use to help you get over your anxiety and fear.

1. Breathe

When you’re ready to call a potential prospect or make follow up calls and you find yourself feeling anxious or fearful, close your eyes, exhale, breathe in and out slowly a few times. This will help release any anxiety you are feeling. You can also do this prior to going in to a meeting or presentation.

2. Visualization

Visualize a positive outcome! In your mind imagine a positive outcome from the call or meeting. Fully visualize the call or meeting from start to finish. Imagine yourself going through your script with your prospect and the POSITIVE responses from them.

3. Ongoing Training

This is the key! Being well trained gives me the confidence that I can handle ANY situation that may occur while on the plane, exiting the plane, in freefall or under canopy. By the same token, plugging in to the EI and FES training frequently will give YOU the confidence you need to handle ANY situation that occurs while dealing with prospects on the phone or in the field.

Like in skydiving, our training is an ongoing process to help us become the best we can be and increase our potential for success.

Regarding success, in the world of skydiving, if you’re not able to accomplish all the things you set out to do while on a particular jump, BUT you opened your parachute at the proper altitude and landing safely on the ground, that’s a SUCCESSFUL jump. Good news is, you get to jump again!

How do YOU rate your success?

Your success is not determined by the outcome of each call or conversation you have with a prospect, but more so the fact that you MADE a phone call, sent a follow-up message or had a conversation with someone about your services and business opportunity. If you are doing those things each day, then CONGRATULATIONS on a SUCCESSFUL day! And because you celebrated these little successes, you will do it again!

So, practice these 3 things to conquer your fear and anxiety, because the GREEN LIGHT IS ON!

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