4 Simple Things You Can Do to Generate Leads with FEN Website

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4 Simple Things You Can Do to Generate Leads with FEN Website


Online marketing can be a bit confusing and most people struggle with what to do and seem overwhelmed with all the different strategies and all the different social media platforms. The way to eliminate that feeling of being overwhelmed is to have a plan in place and then executing that plan daily, weekly and monthly.

Consistency will be key. When marketing on-line with the FEN website and using all of the resources available through this site you have to give yourself some time to create results. So set a goal to follow this plan for a minimum of 90 days (If you do anything for 90 days you will create a result).

Here is a simple daily, weekly and monthly marketing plan you can implement to generate leads with FEN website.

  1. Post the FEN lead capture pages in advertising groups on Facebook

Join 5 or 10 groups on Facebook and post the FEN lead capture pages in at 3 to 5 groups each day. There are several different capture pages to use, just pick a couple that you like and stick with those. You can also use this strategy on LinkedIn or most other social media platforms. Obviously you will need to have a personal profile set up on whatever social media site you will be posting to. The type of groups that you will be targeting are:

  • Real Estate Communities
  • Work from home
  • FREE advertising
  • Network Marketing

Posting in 3 to 5 groups should take you any more than 5 to 10 minutes max.

  1. Write a blog post once a week

Write a 300 (minimum) blog post once a week or at minimum every other week. This will help you gain exposure online and create back links to your information. The big question is, what do I write about? The first thing is make sure that you DO NOT copy someone else’s article or blog post that would be stealing. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Why you got started with FES
  • Your personal testimonial
  • Credit and real estate
  • Review an article and write about it
  • Work from home
  • The FES training System
  • Something you saw on the news (industry related)
  • Product reviews
  1. Comment on other peoples blog posts to FEN

Commenting on other peoples blog post can be powerful for YOUR exposure as well and is very simple to do. Here is how that works and why this can help you generate leads. When someone writes a post to the FEN website anyone that is subscribed to the site will receive an email notification (including non-FEN or FES team members).

When you go to the new blog post to comment make sure you are NOT logged into the site. In the comment section it will ask for your name, email address and website. After you have read the post and fill out the information and submit your comment, your name will be linked to whatever website you add in the website field.

This can help to create back links to your information and if someone reads your comment and clicks on your name it will take them to your website or information.

  1. Share other peoples blog posts to all social media channels

Sharing other people’s blog post from the FEN website benefits the entire FEN community. One of the main objectives when we created FEN was to create a “sharing community” where everyone could help each other create a successful FES business.

Sharing the posts is as simple as clicking on the social media icons that appear at the bottom of the posts. When you click on the icon it will bring up your account and allow you to make a comment. Make sure that you encourage the reader to go to the site and read the article versus putting your own link it the comment section. Putting your own link in the comment section is self-serving and will deter the person from gong to the article (or our link) and steers the traffic away from the FEN web site, I think you get why that’s never a good idea.

So here is why sharing each other’s content is important.

First, it helps create exposure for the website and increases the chance of generating “organic” traffic to the website, in other words, LEADS for EVERYONE! The site is set up to randomly distribute leads to the entire team.

Secondly, it’s just the right thing to do and you want your information shared to, right?

Financial Empowerment Network or FEN is a POWERFUL tool but only if you use it and use it the right way. This website or system works best when we work to promote not only ourselves but each other as well.

These 4 simple steps require minimal effort and time and can really make a difference in the amount of leads you’re able to generate and exposure to your FES business. Remember, consistency is the key! Do the work first without an expected result and after 90 days you will surprised at the results you have created.

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