Transaction Income vs. Residual Income chose one

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close up 100 billsGood afternoon from sunny Missouri!  Selling real estate is a transaction based type of position.  By that I mean, when you have a transaction that closes, you get PAID.  When you are not closing transactions, you do NOT get paid.  At the ripe age of 58 I have decided that building a RESIDUAL type of INCOME is something I aspire to achieve.

Therefore, a few months ago, I aligned myself with FES Financial Education Services for the purpose of creating residual income from a team of motivated and like minded individuals that would like to assist clients and prospects with various aspects of their financial lives.  FES offers a large ‘family of financial services’ that every household in America needs in one way, shape or form.  Knowing about FES, I now have a vehicle with which to create residual income.

ANOTHER BENEFIT of FES is that I can do this from any where in the world and help my FES team of agents be successful and profitable as they work with their own community and neighborhood of clients.  It is so exciting to be part of a great company like this, and I wanted to make sure you knew that there are no limits on how much you can gain from your efforts with FES.

Coming from a banking and corporate background, there was always the ultimate glass ceiling or towers of power that would contain me and keep me from moving forward with both promotions in title and in economics a/k/a MONEY.  That is no longer the case in this industry.

Our premier product is Credit Restoration, but as I mentioned, we offer a huge family of financial services that most everyone can use and would be ill served not to know about them and be tapping into them as a financial resource.



If you are thinking that you do not always want to work for someone else, want to make more income by sharing service information (no products on the shelf you have to stock in your garage or basement and such) then we need to visit either in person or by phone.  Call Donna Joerling at 314.808.1712 today!  The business is great, the folks who are in it for the last 12 years and such are huge resources and are as friendly as it gets!

Watch the brief video below to give you a feel for what we will be discussing!

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