Top 5 Reasons to fix your credit for 2016

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It’s not too late to start working on your credit and start 2016 on a high note! But first you need to understand why it is so important and what you can do to start the process of repairing your credit.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Fix Your Credit in 2016

1. Better financing rates

It’s no secret that in order to get the best finance rates for a home purchase, refinance or automobile purchase you need to have the highest score possible. Early preparation here is the key. If you know ahead of time you are going to make a purchase thoroughly review your credit report for any errors and reduce any revolving debt you have.

2. Better selection of jobs

With the job market being what it is today, employers have a larger pool of candidates to choose from. Studies have shown that some employers do review credit reports and your credit history could play a role in whether or not you make the cut.

3. Lower cost for insurances

A little bit over a long time can add up to a ton of wasted dollars. Consider if you were able to reduce your auto insurance by just $100 per month by increasing your credit score. You’re talking $1200.00 per year. Now multiply that time 30 years…See what I’m talking about!

4. Better self-image

Can you image walking on to the dealership parking lot and choosing the car of your dream? Walking into the mortgage broker office knowing you have excellent credit? How do you think that would make you feel? Pretty AWESOME I bet! Having a 750 credit will give all the confidence in the world you need!

5. Control over your financial future

Having control of your financial future is all about having choices. Isn’t that all we really want? To be able to decide how we are going to live our life? A life by design…WOW that powerful. Having excellent credit will give you the power of choice and control over your financial future.

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