How to Recognize Credit Repair Scams

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Credit problems are so overwhelming that consumers often trust the wrong organizations to help them recover. A myriad of credit repair scams are currently affecting disadvantaged creditors. Selecting the proper credit repair agency is a process that takes times. No consumer should trust a credit repair agency without conducting the necessary research and taking steps to ensure that the company is ethically sound. The following contains advice on recognizing credit repair scams.

Poor Consumer Ratings Say a Lot

The first step a consumer will want to make before signing up for credit restoration help is researching potential companies. The first part of the research should involve visiting the website and checking the company’s mission statement. Mission statements that promise fast miracles or immediate recovery are not honest statements. Credit repair is never a quick fix.

Next, the consumer should search for special affiliations. The Better Business Bureau is an organization that protects consumers. The organization has a rating system that it bases on a company’s complaints and consumer interactions. A legitimate business will be affiliated with the BBB, and it will have a rating of C or higher. Finally, a consumer should read the reports and testimonials of other consumers. The person should avoid any credit repair companies that have a multitude of negative reports.

Avoid Upfront Payment Requests

A true credit restoration agent will consult with a prospective client first. This person will analyze the potential client’s situation to see which programs may fit the person. A scam company may ask for a large monetary contribution before anyone speaks with the consumer. Worse yet, the consumer may not hear anything from a shady company after he or she makes a payment. A true credit restoration company will offer genuine inexpensive help to those who need it.

PCS Debt Relief Can Help

PCS Debt Relief is an organization in St Louis Missouri that has a strong reputation with debtors and with the Better Business Bureau. Bill Rumping works for the company as a credit restoration agent, and he is an ethical and honest person. Bill Rumping is an analyst who is experienced in finding debt problem sources. He can help residents of the St Louis Missouri area to recover from damaged credit and lowered self-esteem. The agency has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and former clients are pleased with its contributions. Saint Louis residents can place their trust in PCS Debt Relief for credit recovery.

PCS Debt Relief helps clients who have been scammed by other agencies. Watch this segment on KSDK News were we give tips to avoid being scammed.

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