It’s National Small Business Week! 

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It’s National Small Business Week!  Starting in 1963, President Kennedy made a Presidential Proclamation that has continued every year since then.  This is a national recognition event to honor the United States top entrepreneurs each year. The distinguished groups of small business owners are hailed each year by the U.S. Small Business Administration and a collection of event co-hosts.  The announcement of the National Small Business Week made me think about how you can be a top entrepreneur in your own life.

After finding your passion and joy, that will determine what your small business will be.  There are many factors to consider when running a small business.  Is it located in brick and mortar building? Do you need inventory? How many employees? What government regulations affect your business?  What licenses, fees, and other administrative costs that will affect the operation of your small business.  You have to remember not to let these factors to cloud your passion and joy, of operating your small business.

I enjoy the fact; I can operate my small business from my home office.  I have a team that operates their small businesses from their home office also.  This allows me time to pursue the training for myself and my team to become the best in our profession.  The administrative support for my small business comes from the Corporate Office; I’m an Independent Agent representing them.   This arrangement allows affords me the ability to operate like a brick and mortar company through the internet, without worrying about a physical building.  This arrangement allows me to concentrate on my passion and joy, servicing the needs of my clients.

If you would more information on how you could find your passion and joy, by operating a small business, you can contact me >>>>>> Carl Blackstone – Financial Empowerment Network

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