How do I get my credit fixed?

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How do you get your credit fixed?  Let’s rephrase that to “How can I get my credit restored?”  Credit bureaus are a large accumulation of data and input from years of credit filings that create a credit rating.  The files and data that are put into a credit bureau are not always accurate nor does that data always fall ‘off record’ at the correct time based on both federal and state laws.  Therefore, we have FES Financial Education Services the marketing arm of United Credit Services that can assist you with the process.

Whether you are in Missouri, Nebraska or Iowa, makes no difference.  You will have a credit bureau and a credit score of some kind.  In credit files the data needs to be accurate and a fair representation of your credit history in general.

There are folks that have bad credit bureau ratings because they just don’t care about how they pay their debts back, and there are the rest of us that can have life issues that occur, many times with very little control on our own part.  Take a few moments to watch the video below and see if this gives you an idea that you are not alone.  There is a solution of how to get your credit restoration done and get it done economically and in a timely manner as well.  After the video, give me a call Donna Joerling 314.808.1712

By NOT taking action, you are potentially costing yourselves way MORE than you would pay to start the credit restoration process in higher loan fees, loan rates, insurance premium rates and the like.  Statistically, a household can pay in a lifetime of living over $200,000 more in costs when there are significant differences in credit bureau ratings and scores.  Why are you waiting again???


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