FREE Credit Seminars in Phoenix AZ

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FREE Credit Seminars Phoenix AZ

FREE Credit Seminars in Phoenix AZ

On August 10th, we will host our first FREE Credit Seminar in Phoenix AZ. This seminar will provide the attendee with basic knowledge of how credit works and how to begin improving their credit. These free seminars well dispel many myths about credit and talk about some of the recent changes that can help improve credit scores.

Providing FREE Credit Seminars in Maricopa County, the fastest growing counties in the nation, will provide consumers with information they need to acquire housing and more. With the growth in Phoenix, many new apartment complexes and condominiums are under construction throughout Phoenix. Many of the apartment communities have increased the credit score and overall credit profile requirements to be approved.

The presenters for these credit seminars are all members of Financial Education Services in the Phoenix market. Financial Education Services is a 13-year-old company with an A+ BBB Accredited rating. Through our not for profit, the Youth Financial Literacy Foundation (YFL), members of FES also teach financial literacy courses in middle schools across America. The YFL also provides scholarship each year funding for seniors in high school and freshman in college.

Providing credit education seminars creates opportunities for residence in the community, as well, local businesses. Building stronger communities allows for commerce to flow more freely and consumers to have choice in their purchase. This is good news for the consumer, community and local businesses!

If you are a member of a church or other organization and looking for credit seminars to bring value to your members, let us know so that we can have one of our local members reach out to you.  Our seminars are free, but more importantly, EMPOWERING!

Click the link to send your request to speak with a local representative about hosting a FREE Credit Seminars for your organization. You will be contacted to discuss all details for seminar.

FREE Credit Seminars

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