April is Financial Education Month

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Our month maybe more than half over but let’s not miss out on the fact that April is Financial Education Month!

What grade would you give yourself if asked, “What is your knowledge on personal finance?” How many of you can say that your teens know about saving, spending, banking, and proper purchasing?

According to a recent survey individuals primarily learn personal finance either by their parents or at home. Four in five adults (78%) agree – and more than one in four (27%) strongly agree – that they could benefit from additional advice and answers to everyday financial questions from a professional.

In addition to being Financial Literacy Month, spring is also a great time to look at personal finances. Here are a few organizations willing to help aid in financial education:

FinancialEducationServices.com – Their focus is on consumer education through eliminating the burden of financial uncertainty.

FamilyMint.com – This organization focuses on educating our youth. For a small fee you can order workbooks and curriculum to educate your child on financial literacy.

This is just the start of information available. If you wish to speak to someone about financial education please do not hesitate to contact us!

Let’s not get lost in the crowd of illiteracy creating problems and issues for ourselves and our families. Instead, let’s gain control of our finances and empower our children and youth to make smart choices that positively affect their future!

.Click the link for more information – Financial Literacy

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