Credit Scores the new thermometer of our lives? Do you have a fever?

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As a young child our parents or caretakers were always wanting to make sure we were healthy and happy.  There is a direct relationship to the state of how we “FEEL” and our temperament as you may already know.  When I was feeling a bit punny, my mother would put her hand to my forehead and feel if I was hot or cold, and maybe even get out the ‘family’ thermometer to see how much of a temperature I may have had.  Either way, if I had a fever I was sick and maybe even contagious.  Mother was on a mission to make me ‘feel’ better.

The reason I bring up this issue of fever or temperature is that today, our credit score has become like a thermometer of how we may be feeling in our lives.  People that have a fever and their credit is SICK or ILL or down in the dumps, carry a different outlook perhaps into their workplace and into their lives.  Maybe their dreams and hopes of home ownership have been forgotten since their credit files are not in order.  There are certain stigmatisms that folks carry around with them when they know that certain dreams and hopes have been taken away from them since they have had issues in and to their credit bureau files.

I am a firm believer that LIFE HAPPENS and with that LIFE things get in the way, such as death of a loved one, a certain turn in economic income; frivolous lawsuits, health issues and with those LIFE occurrences may come economic impacts that affect our credit bureaus and we need credit restoration.  We need another chance!  We need someone to lay a wet wash cloth on our forehead and make our sick temperature go AWAY!

One of the primary reasons I aligned myself with FES Financial Education Services a few months ago, is I am a professional real estate broker in Missouri.  As a real estate broker I see folks who may not qualify for a loan to purchase a home as their ‘credit files are SICK’ and they need to be restored.  Restoring your credit doesn’t happen over night, but it can HAPPEN!  The beginning steps are with FES and having someone who cares about your credit temperature give you a helping hand.

Take a few moments to watch the attached video file and give me a call at 314.808.1712.  My previous 25 years of lending experience at a major banking corporation saw folks fight the major credit bureaus.  I wish I would have known about FES then!  Have a blessed day!  Donna Joerling

After watching the video, you will not have all the answers, but you will at least know  where to go to get started.  Call me and we can get you started on your credit restoration!  Donna Joerling

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