Do you know what your credit score is? Knowing what your credit score is and what is in your credit report helps you when you need to borrow money.

If you have a credit score of 640 to 750 you have a good score, if your score is above a 750 you have excellent credit. A score between 600 and 640 is fair, but when you have a score below 600 that is considered poor.  With poor or fair credit lenders charge you more money than if you had good or excellent credit. If you have less than perfect credit Midwest Credit Repair can help dispute the negative items on your credit report.

The cost of bad credit could mean being denied for a car loan, denied for a mortgage, having a much higher rate for car insurance and one of the worst is not being hired for a job you really wanted. Having a good score can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of a single year. Midwest Credit Repair helps people ever day with these same problems and we can help you.

So you have less than perfect credit and that is bad, you ask yourself can it be fixed. Yes, it can but it takes team work.  Also it does not happen overnight.  It takes patience and persistence.

Midwest Credit repair not only can help you repair your bad credit but we also, help you and your family get educated about the importance of a great credit score.

Here are some of ways to raise your credit score:

At Midwest Credit Repair my promise and commitment to you is: Each person will get the BEST service, unmatched by any other company.  We pride ourselves in treating you the client with respect and honesty. Visit my website Great Credit Score

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