I decided to something a little different with my post this month.  I want to share my story and why I’m so passionate about my career.  Not many people can say they are passionate about their career but I am.

In November of 2007 my husband and I had been married a whole 6 months and he got laid off.  I graduate college in May of 2008 and while my husband had found work again a lot of damage had already been done.  As I graduated everything crashed and my career as a high school history teacher quickly vanished.  Apparently social studies was a go to subject to cut.

Here we were with a crushing amount of student loan debt, a credit score that tanked due to late payments and in October of 2008 we found out we were expecting.  We couldn’t have been happier or more overwhelmed.

To try and get caught up and make ends meet we actually saved money having me stay home and raise our boy.  I babysat out of my home and Jason worked two jobs.  Nothing about it was easy but we were getting buy.

Along came little blessing number two and we knew things had to change.  At this point Jason’s job was much more stable, he worked part time for our church and I had started doing some marketing for a friends realty company.  We had hopes that someday soon we would be able to buy and dig out of the mess created.

While working for the real estate company I was exposed to FES and what they could do for my credit.  It was 2012 and we wanted to be proactive about fixing our credit but scared of getting scammed. We decided to delay for another year.  I was interested in the business and the products but just flat out scared.

In February of 2013 we decided to use our tax refund to get started with FES.  I enrolled as an agent and then we paid for my husband to have the credit repair.  In 60 days my score went up 107 points! It was insane.  They told me it was possible but I was such a skeptic.  After that I became crazy passionate about what FES could do for others.

A year later I am a Sales Director with the company.  Have worked to grow the St. Louis market and attended numerous trainings.  I love my job. I love giving hope to those that were in the situation we experienced.

The best part of all of this is that we now have the credit scores to purchase home AND my income from FES is our down payment.  We close on our first home in June and it is all because of the products, coaching, tools and income that FES has provided.

I think you can see why my husband and I love what we do and why we know it will help others achieve their goals.  Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us how to change your future. The American Dream doesn’t have to be dead.

Click below to learn more about how you can get control of your credit and finances.

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  1. WOW Kathryn this is such a great story on many levels! I am extremely excited for you and Jason. So many people out there are experiencing the same thing that you have from the hardship to the success in the end and people need to hear your story. It gives hope and inspiration to people. Thanks for sharing.

    PS I hear that you and Jason and the kids are going to shot a short video to tell your story and show off your new house??

  2. That is a great and inspirational story, Kathryn. I was somewhat skeptical as well, but asked as many questions as I could. Fortunately, Mark was able to answer them all to my satisfaction. FES is a great company for both those who want access to financial services as well as those who are looking for an exceptional career opportunity.

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