Credit Education – Repair

Credit education is greatly needed in this country today. Almost everything we do today is in some way impacted by our credit score. Millions of Americans are seeking for solutions to recover from financial devastation brought on by recession 2008. Many people who at one time had a great credit scores are now struggling to regain their credit worthiness.

Unfortunately most consumers rate themselves as not very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing how the credit scoring system works. When you think back to your formal educational year’s, credit education was not something you were taught in school. It has been a, learn as you go through life program.

When you consider all of the things that are effected be credit you can see how it can have such a major impact on one’s life, Interest rates on home loans, interest rates on credit cards, premiums for home owners insurance and auto insurance, security deposits, your ability to get a job or promotion at an existing job, your ability to buy or rent a home or apartment, your monthly debt, your ability to save for retirement, starting a college fund for your children…etc.

Our highly rated credit repair program can you you get your credit back on track. Stop being denied the things in life you and your family need and deserve!

  • Your Credit Repair Program Includes:
  • Approximate 1 Year of Service/Unlimited Derogatory’s Disputed
  • Customized Dispute Letters
  • 24/7 Online Account Access
  • Credit Coaching Available M-F from 9AM EST – 5PM EST

Restoring your credit is really all about leveraging your consumer rights per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. At the Financial Empowerment Network through our affiliation with an 11 year old provider credit repair and education assures your success!

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