Credit Repair and Rent to Own

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As someone who considers himself a newbie to the subject of real estate investment and the many different ways a transaction can occur, I have a lot to learn. Buy and hold, fix and flip, wholesale, lease option, contract for deed, seller finance, creative finance…the list goes on and on. Investing in real estate is […]

Identity Theft: What Can You Do?

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The FTC says that Identity theft is the fastest growing crime against consumers in the U.S.  Over 50 million victims have been hurt by this invasive crime. The two main ways a person’s identity is taken are using personal information to access current accounts or using personal information to open new accounts. Two thirds of all […]

3 Steps You Must Take to Restore Your Credit

3 Steps You Must Take to Restore Your Credit

The 3 steps you must take to restore your credit will almost guarantee your success in restoring your credit. These simple yet POWERFUL steps can actually increase your chances of success by 80%! These steps came as a result of working with thousands of clients from across the country and from all walks of life. […]

How Mistakes Get on Credit Reports

Credit Reports

Mixed credit reports are caused when the credit reporting agency places information belonging to another consumer on your credit report. If you’ve got a common name, there’s a chance that your credit report could be crossed with another consumer with the same name. Credit scoring software is not able to distinguish between your credit data […]

Subprime Auto Loans and Why they SUCK!

Subprime Auto Loans

According to this recent article in the LA Times, 6.3 million Americans are 90 days late on their auto loan payments. Many of these are due to subprime auto loans. The article goes on to say, “the delinquency rate on auto loans has been steadily rising since 2011, a red flag at a time when […]