Training for Your Home Based Business


There is so much information available on the topic of Training for Your Home Based Business.  After you develop a business plan, how you do get started on your business?  How do you keep yourself accountable to your plan? You need to get a mentor or coach.  This person will help to keep yourself accountable […]

Goals, Part 1: How Most Miss the Mark

Goal Image 0012

Since this is a site dedicated to financial education, it seems the subject of goals is a good one to discuss – after all, this is the Financial Empowerment Network. Unfortunately, many of us either do not make goals at all or go about it in the wrong way. It is no wonder many of […]

FEN Team Training – Optimizing Blog Posts

Fen Team Training

Here is a new FEN Team Training Video. In this video we expand on adding a post to the FEN blog and some things you should do in order to maximize the exposure of your articles/content. This are very simple steps that you can take to create additional opportunity to increase your exposure. After watching […]

Financial Empowerment Network 30 Day Challenge

30 day challenge1

Let the games begin! We have officially launching our “March Madness Financial Empowerment Network 30 Day Challenge.” This challenge will provide you with the day to day activity and point tracking system to help you create MAXIMUM exposure for yourself and your business over the next 30 days creating advanced momentum for your business throughout […]