Four Reasons Why Should Own Your Own Business

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Own Your own business

We’ve got a problem, folks, and it’s a big one. In today’s economy, much of what used to work doesn’t work anymore.

We see the symptoms all around us. People are over-worked, underpaid, and generally stressed-out. For most of us, there’s way more month than money. The job shortage is serious. And, no, higher education is not the immediate answer. A college degree is no longer a guarantee of employment, much less in your chosen field of study.

Wages generally are well below the level needed for living debt-free. As a result, many people are driven to using borrowed money (i.e., credit cards) just to make ends meet each month. Of course, this is a very short-term solution, if going into debt can be called a “solution” at all. And, from this endless cycle of debt, escape is practically impossible.

Well, it’s impossible for the employed. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, regardless of how many “second” jobs you manage to find.

For those who own their own businesses, however, escape is more than possible. It’s a reality waiting to be grasped.

Here, then, are four compelling reasons why you should own your own business, whether or not you have a J.O.B. (i.e., “just over broke”).

Control Over Your Personal Economy

That’s right: when you work for yourself, you essentially write your own paycheck. As a business owner, you decide how much you need to make in order to live debt-free. Then, you just need to figure out how to do so. Work harder. Work smarter. Scale up your marketing, etc. Bottom line, it’s up to you.

Tax Benefits

The tax benefits of owning your own business are awesome. In fact, Sandy Botkin, author of Lower Your Taxes – Big Time, explains that you can expect to save anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 per year as a small or home business owner. Actually, if you make less than $80,000 per year, you could even manage things so that you pay nearly zero taxes.


What good is all the money in the world without the time to use it and enjoy the life it makes possible? Business ownership provides a platform where time and money can meet. Work where, when, and with whom you want. You decide.

Realize Your Dreams

America was built on entrepreneurship, from the very beginning. A new world offered new hopes and invited new dreams. Frankly, without business ownership, your dreams will never have a platform to have a voice. And, no, the American Dream has never been simply “work for 40 years and then retire on a pension.” In any event, those days are long gone.

So, own your own business! Write your own ticket. Pay yourself first, and pay yourself what you know you’re worth, not what someone else says you’re worth. You can do this relatively inexpensively, too. In fact, the digital age has made it possible to make a very good living with as few tools as a laptop, an Internet connection, and a mobile phone, all from the comfort of your home office.

Click the link below for free information and help on getting your own home business up and running. You’ll be surprised at how affordable and simple it can be!

Click Here for More Information

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