Financial Education Services FES Review

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Financial Education Services Review

Financial Education Services FES Review. This is my personal review of Financial Education Services. I have been an agent with FES now going on 11 years.

In 2004 as a mortgage professional I went in search of a reputable company that could help my clients that were unable to purchase or refinance a home due to having bad credit. In that journey I was introduced to what is now known as Financial Education Services.

After reviewing the FES credit repair and credit education program I made the decision to join the company as an independent agent and offer there credit repair program to my clients.

The results were awesome! I was able to take clients that were unable to purchase or refinance a home due to credit challenges, put them in this program and with in a reasonable amount of time (depending on the individual credit profile) get them approved to move forward with there home loan.

Over the years we have added additional financial program to our portfolio of financial services. These are all core services that unfortunately most consumers do not have.

Financial Education Services FES has been on a major expansion across the country for the last 3 years due to past an current economic conditions. One thing that is unique about our business is that the economy has created the market, in other words we are simply providing a solution for consumers.

Financial Education Services is definitely on the move and looking for motivated individuals to assist with that expansion. In you are interested in learning more about FES you can reach me directly at 954.707.2932 or click on the link and complete the form and I will contact you directly.

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