Financial Education Services Compensation Plan

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Financial Education Services Compensation Plan

The Financial Education Services compensation plan is pretty straight forward but there are some strategies that you want to learn that will help you to maximize your potential earning. In this video we are going to discuss the 2 divisions within the company that allow you to earn weekly income.

The first way that you can earn income with the Financial Education Services compensation plan is through retail sales. Now as I discussed in previous videos, the market place has really created a high demand for the services that we offer. Making individual sales to these customers will earn you a weekly commission.

In addition to these individual customer sales you also have the opportunity to set up corporate accounts in your community or across the nation. These are companies that have existing clients that want to purchase their product but are unable to due to credit challenges.

These are really great accounts to have because they are sending you clients that otherwise you wouldn’t have access to. So when you combine your individual sales along with these corporate accounts this can provide you with a great weekly income while you are building your business.

The second part of the compensation plan is our CAB or Customer Acquisition Bonuses. These bonuses are paid out weekly based for helping your new team members produce their initial sale. So your new agent receives there commission for the sale and you receive a bonus. All commissions that are earned are as a direct result of sale of product ONLY.

This is a great feature to the Financial Education Services compensation plan because it provides the agent with a weekly income while they are building a nationwide team so that they can take advantage of the potential for long term residual income.

Our goal with the Financial Education Services compensation plan is to help an agent transition out of their existing job to a full time agent if they choose. Obviously if you are able to do that you can now have more time to focus on building your business.

If you would like more specific information on the Education Services compensation plan click the link below or call me directly at 913.815.0346.

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