FES Academy is Returning to Phoenix Arizona

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FES Academy

FES Academy is returning to Phoenix Arizona on August 18th and 19th, 2017. This will be the second FES Academy sponsored event in the last 3 months.  Phoenix residents will have another opportunity to see firsthand, the much-needed products and services, as well the opportunity FES offers. FES Academy provides advanced training for FES agents in the local markets across the country.

The previous FES Corporate Overview and advanced training was the first time FES Academy had traveled to Phoenix. The event was a huge success with not only local agents attending but also agents from around the country.

FES Academy is largely responsible for the growth that Financial Education Services has had over the last 6 years. By providing advanced local trainings, put on by highly trained successful FES agents, FES has been able to help its agents become better at marketing the products and services and build a successful business.

FES in the Phoenix Arizona Market

The Phoenix marketplace is a great market due to the number of people moving here daily. Many of these people are looking to rent an apartment or home, or looking to purchase a home. Unfortunately, many of these new Arizona residents have credit and other financial challenges, preventing them from getting a new home or apartment. By partnering with local companies in the real estate industry, and other credit driven industries, FES has been able to help some of those people and further expand its business in the Phoenix market.

On August 18th at 7:30 PM you will have an opportunity to see a professionally done FES presentation by Executive Vice President Mr. Joe Locke. Joe is also FES Academy Director of Training and top producer in FES. Joe will also be conducting the training on Saturday for new and existing agents. This is an incredible opportunity to spend the day with and learn from one of the best in FES.

For more information about Financial Education Services and how you can become a part of the team in Arizona, click this link below

 Team Arizona Expansion

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