The Green Light is ON – Conquering Your Fear and Anxiety

Conquering Fear and Anxiety

On a recent training call we talked about the fear and anxiety that new agents, and some veteran agents face when given the opportunity to EXPOSE their services or the business opportunity. This fear and anxiety appears when it’s time to contact new prospects or do follow-up calls. It can also show up when you......

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5 Ways to Market Your Leadpages

FEN Leadpages Why Rent When You Can Buy

Now that you have your FEN leadpages setup, how do you get eyeballs on them so you can generate leads? Unlike Field of Dream’s, just because you built it, DOESN’T mean they will come. You’re going to have to INVITE them! It’s recommended you use a URL shortener or purchase your own domain and forward......

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Are You Using Instagram?

I’m not sure when I opened my Instagram account. I’ve managed to post a few photos and motivational quotes. I am very much a novice on Instagram so I finally decided to check it out and attending a webinar to get some training. The webinar I attended taught some strategies you can use to build......

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