Reducing Your Debt

Reducing your Debt

When many individuals start the process of credit restoration, the topic of reducing your debt, is part of the conversation.  You need to make a budget and outline goals to hold yourself accountable to your budget.  Credit cards, mortgage and car payments, student loans, savings… where do you start?  Active credit lines are the top......

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Deciphering the FICO Score

FICO Score

The FICO score is a three digit number that has incredible power in the financial number. It has the power to decline good interest rates and in some cases can affect employment.What’s in a number?The FICO score is made up of a proprietary formula from the Fair Isaac Corporation. This formula consists of several categories......

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How to Become Debt Free in 2014

The average American has over $16,000 in debt not including the mortgage.  While most people will admit that is too much debt it can be overwhelming to get to figure out a way out. Make a Budget– Consumers build debt when they spend more than they earn.  It’s a basic principle but yet people get......

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Why I NOW Use Lifelock!

ID Theft

In the past 6 months I have had my debit card number stolen twice. Some identity thief out there got hold of my debit card number and started buying pre-paid phone cards on the west coast, while I live in the mid-west. The second time my debit card number was stolen, “they” were out there......

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