How to Create Credit Repair Referral Accounts

Creating corporate referral accounts is a great way to increase your credit repair business. Many credit related business such as mortgage brokers, real estate agents and car dealerships, to name a few, have prospects walking in their business every single day if not every week looking to become a customer but are unable do to......

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Great Credit Score

Both my wife and myself were oblivious to the need of having a GREAT – not just a good – but a GREAT credit score. While I dreamed of the day when I could GET OFF THE GRID, my credit score was strangled by high credit card balances NOW I am learning how to increase......

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The Truth Game on Credit

What’s the first thing you are told when you go to buy a car or get a mortgage; they have to pull your credit to see if you qualify? Have you ever heard the term, “your score is not perfect but not bad either”? Now what does that mean really? For those that don’t know,......

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