Kim Burger

Having spent over 30 years in the banking and financial industry, I had to turn people away for home loans, personal loans and business loans due to poor credit. Turning people down doesn’t feel good. It hurts them and keeps them from achieving their goals, it also hurts me as I am driven to help people and create solutions.
I made a choice and left banking and am now helping people get into homes, get cars, and save money on their interest rates and insurance premiums!
WHY you ask…because I’ve been there. I lectured people for years of the importance of maintaining their credit and I learned the hard way exactly how devastating it can be and before I became an Agent with Financial Education Services, I was crawling my way back up. My first month with them, my credit score jumped 20 points! Yay!
I now have amazing success in helping people raise their credit, prepare for their future and protect what they acquire. Now that is the way it should be!