FEN Partners Program

the FEN Partners Program is a great way to generate more leads for your business WITHOUT spending any ADDITIONAL money or doing anything different then your already doing!

Check out the video and information below to learn more!

  1. Access to Leadpages (Industry specific)
  2. Lead Management System
  3. Client Tracking Portal (Track your customer progress)
  4. Webinar Training on Social Media Marketing
  5. Additional Transactions Each Month!

Here are a few of the leadpages available for our partners.

Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors:

Financing Professionals:

As a referral partner you ALSO have the opportunity to earn ad dollars towards your own “Facebook Ad Marketing Campaign” that includes, “done for you…”

  1. Ad Creation
  2. Ad Management and Monthly Reporting
  3. Facebook Business Page

What’s required?

All that’s required to access these resources is, refer your credit challenged clients to your FEN representative so we can get them purchase ready and back to you!

*For every client that enrolls of our premier credit restoration program, $25.00 will be applied towards your ad campaign account.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage the FEN community and marketing system get with the FEN member that referred you to the site.