Entrepreneurs International

Entrepreneurs International

I am excited to announce I’ve become a Charter Member with Entrepreneurs International (EI). This is an awesome organization and community of new and highly successful veteran entrepreneurs all coming together to learn and support each other.

Entrepreneurs International Academy provides basic and advanced programs for anyone that is looking to become an entrepreneur and start a business.

EI provides intense seminars, classes, boot camps and workshops were developed by EI Co-founder, Gregg Amerman. Gregg has close to 30 years of entrepreneurial success that includes training and multiple successful business endeavors. He and his team bring over 70+ years of experience to EI.

The EI seminars and classes are conducted by a powerful and dynamic training team of seasoned entrepreneurs, who through rigorous training have been groomed to be professional trainers. They will provide you with the mindset, skill-set, knowledge, system, action plan, tools, awareness, motivation and confidence you will need to build a successful business, as well as a superior quality of life!

Entrepreneurs International also works to identify hot trends in the market. Based on their research, EI has identified a trend and a vehicle you can use to set up your first business or add an additional income stream to your existing business model.

Should I Become an Entrepreneur?

If you you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, here are some facts about entrepreneurs

  • Each month approximately 550,000 people become entrepreneurs ~ Entrepreneur 2016
  • 48% of Americans polled said they desired to be an entrepreneur ~ Foxbusiness.com
  • 67% of Millennials want to start their own business ~ Forbes.com
  • The average entrepreneur earns 42% of the average employee ~ Simplyhired.com

Pretty Amazing Statistics!

Oh, and there’s one more. According to Forbes.com, 70% of the people polled, said they HATE their jobs! Think about that? 70% of the working population is going to wake up tomorrow morning and go do something they HATE for 8 HOURS or more! Maybe being entrepreneur is the answer?

Should I Become a Member of Entrepreneurs International?

One thing I’ve learned from being an entrepreneur, is that success starts with having the right mindset, which includes having a positive mental attitude, focus, and the right thoughts for success. Unfortunately, these are things that most people don’t have. The good news is, these habits can be developed through training.

Entrepreneurs Internationals training curriculum will help you understand the way your mind works and identify the things that are preventing you from achieving the level of success you desire in all areas of your life.

If you decide that being an entrepreneur is right for you, wouldn’t you want to be a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur? Of course! Entrepreneurs International can help you achieve that SUCCESS.

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I Want to be a SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur!