How Facebook Ads and Marketing can help your Business

Traditionally marketing and advertising has been geared towards television, radio, newspapers and magazines. While these platforms may still be useful on occasions there is a new platform that has proved to be more cost efficient while also reaching more people. This platform is Social Media. Other forms of advertising like TV, print and radio are......

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Financial Education Services Fredericksburg VA

Vince and Shandelin Anderson Financial Education Services

Vince and Shandelin Anderson, account executives with Financial Education Services & sister company, United Credit Education Services considers it a privilege to help people in our local market area, primarily Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania VA, achieve their dreams and aspirations of home ownership. We partner with Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas who......

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Credit Scores the new thermometer of our lives? Do you have a fever?

As a young child our parents or caretakers were always wanting to make sure we were healthy and happy.  There is a direct relationship to the state of how we “FEEL” and our temperament as you may already know.  When I was feeling a bit punny, my mother would put her hand to my forehead......

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