Are You Creating Momentum in Your Business?

Creating Momentum in Your Business

  Some of you may have heard me talk about this before, “Driving the business through the business.” This is a great way to create momentum in your business. At a recent training I attended we actually touched on this important business building strategy. This strategy is used by top producers in FES as well......

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Setting Up Your Profile on the Team Page

FEN Team Page Profile Set Up

As a member of the Financial Empowerment Network Team you have the ability to set up a profile on the Team page. This profile also has its own unique page and URL for you to add content and let the visitors get a better chance to learn more about you and what your all about.......

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Credit E-Book Lead Capture Page

FREE Credit E=Book

In this video we review the new lead capture page, FREE Credit E-Book. We also review where to get your referral links for each campaign to assure that you are getting credit for any leads that are generated from your referral link sharing. Watch this video to learn...

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Changing Personas in Facebook

Facebook gives you the option of changing persona’s in Facebook. In other words you can either be touring around in Facebook as yourself OR as your business page. Now their are certain things you can or can not do depending on whether your in Facebook as yourself or your business page. Most things you will......

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