The Cost of Ignorance

Cost of Ignorance

Education is expensive. No doubt about. But, ignorance can be even more expensive. And literacy goes way beyond being able to read and write. I’m talking about what’s called “financial intelligence.” Think about it. How much did you learn in school about finances? I mean, about everyday things like credit, debt, asset protection, or the......

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Fixing Your Credit

Fixing your credit

Fixing your credit is only the start.  The bigger issue is educating yourself on how credit works so that once you have fixed your credit you now know how to maintain and build your credit.  So when I say it’s not about just fixing your credit, it’s really about educating yourself for long term success.......

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Improving your Credit and Financial Situation in 2016 just got Easier!

We all know that having good credit in today’s world is not only something you should just consider but something you MUST do! Your long term financial well-being depends on it! Think about it, how many missed opportunities have you experienced this past year because of bad credit? How much money are you wasting each......

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