Four Documents You Should Have Prepared Yesterday

Estate Planning

“I’ll take care of that tomorrow.” So goes the all-too-easy response to the thought of dealing with life’s most important, though seemingly less urgent, questions. “There’s still time. After all, I’m in control of my life, my family’s welfare, and my finances. I know what’s best for me and my family, don’t I?” Sure you......

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Who is going to take care of your children if you die?

What a beautiful and happy family enjoying each other’s company and the great outdoors.  They day is lovely and things are going well.  You are on your way home to grill your favorite burgers and on the way, a catastrophic accident occurs and both parents are killed.  After the devestation, after the funeral, the REALITY......

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Extra money to make ends meet

I recently attended a fantastic weekend training session and I wanted to share an “ah Ha” moment I enjoyed.  What would your life feel like if you made an extra $1,000 a month?  What kind of financial freedom would that give you and your family?  Would you be able to take a vacation?  Would you......

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Transaction Income vs. Residual Income chose one

Good afternoon from sunny Missouri!  Selling real estate is a transaction based type of position.  By that I mean, when you have a transaction that closes, you get PAID.  When you are not closing transactions, you do NOT get paid.  At the ripe age of 58 I have decided that building a RESIDUAL type of......

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A Guide for Personal Debt Management

Renaldo Epps

A Guide for Personal Debt Management If you are carrying a heavy financial burden that you are already finding too hard to take, it will be good to have a personal debt management plan, which will prove to be helpful in making your life a lot easier. Through the careful management of the financial resources......

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